How to disable annoying Windows 10 notification sounds!

There are some Windows 10 notification (system) sounds that are quite annoying to say the least. I am not sure who decided that it was a good idea to choose these sounds for alert notifications in Windows 10.

Repair Bootcamp partition boot entry missing after disk resize

I recently installed the latest copy of Mac OS X and lost the Bootcamp Windows partition boot entry from the MBR (Master Boot Record). It took a series of steps to get the Bootcamp partition boot entry back into the MBR and so I decided to document the procedure.

Selenium with Python using Geckodriver for Firefox in Kali Linux

Selenium seems to be great for browser automation and has support for multiple programming languages, including my favorite – Python. I decided to test it on Kali Linux and faced certain issues.

How to Install Windows 7 or 10 on Mac

I like dual booting my systems since I switch between Windows, Mac OS X and Linux fairly regularly. On a PC, I would usually dual boot Windows and Linux, and on a Mac, I usually dual boot Mac OS X and Windows.

How to get WiFi to work after installing Ubuntu or Lubuntu on Macbook?

Problem: No WiFi connectivity in Lubuntu after installing it on a Macbook Air. I recently installed Lubuntu to breath life into my old Macbook Air 1,1 (2008). The installation went smooth and the operating system is giving me no problems so far.

/var/log Disk Space Issues | Ubuntu, Kali, Debian Linux | /var/log Fills Up Fast

Recently, I started noticing that my computer keeps running out of space for no reason at all. I mean I didn’t download any large files and my root drive should not be having any space issues, and yet my computer kept telling me that I had ‘0’ bytes available or free on my /root/ drive.

Multiple Screens in (Kali) Linux | How To

I have felt the need for multiple screens several times simply because of the many tabs and terminal windows I keep open on my box. Hence, to avoid constantly switching between these, I decided to bring in multiple screens .

How to Use Truecrypt | Truecrypt Tutorial [Screenshots] | Kali Linux, BackTrack, BackBox, Windows

Data protection is crucial. The importance of privacy–specially concerning sensitive documents–cannot be overstated, and if you’re here, you have already taken the first step towards securing it. Truecrypt is one of the best encryption tools out there.

How to Setup VPN on Android Phone or Tablet | Easy Step by Step Instructions | Screenshots included

In my previous posts, I have mentioned: How to set up VPN connection on Windows And How to configure VPN connection in Linux. In short, reasons for setting up VPN services are: anonymous surfing and downloading, security, privacy and defeating unreasonable censorship.

VPN Configuration / VPN Client in Kali Linux / Debian / Ubuntu / Backtrack | How to | Anonymous Internet | VPN Secure Connection

You could have a variety of concerns while using the Internet: 1. Security: While I work as a penetration tester for remote clients, I like to make sure my “tunnel” to the internet is free from eavesdroppers and is reasonably secure.